Whelp, the time has come to re-home my beloved 1973 Cadillac hearse. Moving to a smaller place and sadly for me I have to leave the Caddy with a new owner. Great news though, that owner could be you!  Here’s the rundown on the car, it’s a lot of text but the short version is it’s a big cruiser with trivial cosmetic flaws and an awesome, professionally installed, stereo system. This is a 1973 Cadillac Hearse. The body is by Miller Meteor and is all steel with a steel top.  It has been adult owned it’s entire life. It has not been smoked in. It does not smell weird.  All of the glass is in great shape with NO CRACKS, including the windshield.  The Caddy has 96,473 miles on it which is on the high side for a hearse, but on the low side for a car built in 1973.  The body is in nice shape and has NO structural rust. The frame and suspension, spring mounts, springs, etc are solid and still wears most of it’s factory black paint, the underside of the body, rockers, steel roof, water channels, bottoms of the doors,  etc are all solid. This was, I believe, a California car in it’s previous life.  It has no rust holes that I’ve been able to find in 9 years of ownership with one small exception, which is the lower vertical surface of the passenger side rear door.  I believe moisture at some point got behind the sound deadener tar mat the factory glued to the inside of the door and it made for some small bubbles that are now showing through the paint. This is not rust in the pinch welds, curves, or seams, it’s a very odd place to have had it happen and to me, looks like it’s an easy fix. The other doors do not have this issue.

Beavercreek, Oregon, United States