This is a very rare 1934 Sayers and Scoville handcarved Olympian Hearse I believe they made 10. This car was modified in the 40s by the Shriners. They turned it into a parade car and opened the roof in the back so they could stand in the parades. It was in storage since the early 80s. It now has two generators and two six volt batteries that they put on back then to run the lights,horns, and siren.The drivetrain all works as it should and I did not open the engine or the transmission. The speakers were added in the late 50s and I have no idea what the sound system was therefore there is none. The car was built by hand by S&S including the frame. The engine is the large straight eight Buick. The tires may be the original ones.

Location: Eastlake, Ohio, United States

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