1981 Cadillac hearse. The body is in really beautiful shape and has a great paint job with ghost flames over the hood. It is not in perfect shape but does have some small dings and paint chips on it. It has custom LED lights underneath the car and custom red LED lights for headlights and there is also red LED lights inside the car around the casket and inside the casket. It has a really great sound system with two 1000 watt amplifiers. The transmission has been rebuilt less than 1000 miles ago and the engine has a brand new camshaft lifters timing chain and gears water pump and brand new all aluminum radiator. The vinyl top is in really great shape and has no Cuts or tears in it and looks almost like brand new. The engine is a 368 cubic inch with a rebuilt carburetor. I have a 472 engine that goes with the car. The 472 needs to be rebuilt. This car runs and drives just like a Cadillac should.

New Market, Tennessee, United States