1974 Cadillac hearse combination park row is on a Cadillac SS frame. Vehicle’s name is Lily;she is a hearse ambulance combination has the two jump seats in the rear compartment I have the FERNO gurney with original mat. The hearse has the gurney locking bar in the back of the vehicle The casket stops are also with the vehicle.   Being a combo,on the dash panel the siren, lights beacon switches etc are present. The side panels with the landau bars comes off and the hearse has large windows in the rear makes for nice display for the casket/gurney while driving.  I have the window bars Lily for the hearse The vehicle drives fine needs some maintenance of course due to the age but she starts and drives. the front windshield is cracked After 42 years when I open the door I can still smell the funeral flowers  smell.

Irvine, Kentucky, United States

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