1948 Pontiac Streamliner Silver Streak Hearse

For consignment, a former working hearse in Montana that was put out to pasture when finished with that “life”. It then was discovered and sent to Alberta, Canada where it was restored as a beautiful Limo. It now has back seating for 5, party lights, USB ports and 2 stereos to rock on. It then went to NJ where the engine was changed to a 350ci V8 and became a star of parades and events as the Halloween Hearse…BOO! So it’s black from the dead!

Scary silver paint that shines like a crazy diamond now bathes the miles of rust free steel covering the body. Pontoon front fenders and rounded back fenders are on either end of the 4 doors, (the back driver’s side is suicide style), for entry into the party central, (party on Garth!). One has to envy the 40’s as they loved those bulbous high V shaped hoods and massive chrome laden grilles of which this car has both and all are looking just alive, (sic). Tinted glass adds privacy and some black accent graphics adorn the sides of this long luxury party boat. In the back, lower pontoon fenders are on either side of the hearse swinging door which has an incredibly scary airbrushed graphic on it with a shiny curved bumper below. This limo rides n 18-inch Boss Motorsports wheels wrapped in low profile 245/45R18 rubber.

A swing of the back door and in lieu of the dead body and casket we see a trunk. Yes kids, it’s no ordinary trunk, it is an actual cooler for your libations just reach over the back seat! The door panel has a Pontiac arrow and a befitting Indian skeleton head with a feathered headdress, (…wait is this politically correct?). Padded black felting provides the background and the trunk sits on hardwood floor. Swinging the wide side door open we are in party central with 3 buckets and a bench. These are purple/black broadcloth and some white piping, the bench also being high back and brings the seats to 5. Gray tuck and roll fabric is on the sides and the doors have black padded vinyl and stitched patterns with them. In their centers is a small area of lighter gray vinyl also stitched. Stainless sills are on and more skull chief badges are in the corners. Gray carpeting covers the floors and a gray headliner is above. Behind the guest’s bench which faces rearward is a wall that separates the partiers from the driver and passenger. This has a glass window with some lace curtain that may have been the outer covering for the shroud of Turin, but this is not documented. The driver and passenger sit upon luxurious late model captains leather chairs which are fully powered.  A rally steering wheel is fronting an original steel dash with some modifications to bring it up to date. These include but are not limited to an aluminum instrument cluster panel with inserted blackface gauges. The Art Deco shaped center panel is still in, and it also looks like a Jukebox in its ribbed chromed design. In the center under the dash is a box with heating controls, a knob for the wipers, a button for the backup cam, and one for the power antenna. Below this temperature box is an aftermarket stereo for the front passengers and it is an AM/FM/CD player, as well as power window toggles and dual DC power ports. They did the mash, they did the MONSTER MASH…

Under the hood is now a 350ci small block Chevrolet engine. It is topped by a 4-barrel carb, and has a 700R4 4 speed automatic transmission on the back. The rear axle is geared with a 4.11 ratio. Headers and turbo mufflers are on for the deathly exhale.

Just a bit of road dirt and slight edge surface rust, but all structurally sound. A large steel frame supports this massive car and has an independent coilover front suspension bolted on and in back we see a 4 link with coilovers is installed. Power disc brakes for the front and power drum brakes for the rear are on to being you to a halt at your final resting place.

So I grabbed the gang and we disappeared from the mall for the test drive, which generally included some debauchery and fun as well as some serious road testing. Said testing revealed this car to be a good driver, smooth ride and easy handling and steering. It has ground effect purple lighting as well as some nifty interior lighting and dual working sound systems. Classical in front and grunge rock in the back.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1948 Pontiac Streamliner (Affiliate link)